Nigeria Losses 10Billion annually to Post-Harvest Losses-Gain.

Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN), Dr. Michael Ojo, The Country Director, says Nigeria is losing up to N10 billion to post-harvest losses.

This was revealed in an interview in Lagos at the just-concluded Nourish Nigeria Challenge “NutriPitch’’ by the Gain Country Director, Dr. Michael Ojo.

Dr. Ojo, said it was saddening to see such amounts of food waste, either to bad transportation or poor storage, while millions of Nigerian are starving.

“Basically, from the research conducted, and the information we have, it reveals that half of our agricultural produce is lost, especially nutritious foods between the harvest and the consumers.” He said

Dr. Michael Ojo, noted that “Some of these food items also perish due to not being sold. I think no word can quantify this because over N100 billion a year is lost to post-harvest loss because of the perishability of these foods. ”

He added, “The fact that there are some that cannot afford these foods, yet we are losing them in the tune of billions is a cause for concern. ’’

The Director who said that GAIN was out to reduce malnutrition in Nigeria and Africa, said technological research could help through government and private sector investment.

“In these losses, there is an open opportunity for us to invest in researches to tackle these problems because it is also an investment opportunity.”

According to him, “ we need to develop ways through which we can conserve our foods to last longer than a season, it’s not just about research, but also making sure that we put research findings into action. ’’