The sovereignty, stability and security of African countries, depend largely on her seamless ability to get her every increasing citizenry population and to get a chunk of the western world dominated global food export trade.

This envisioned level of production in African agriculture sector, no doubt depends on the industrializing the scale of Agricultural production systems and this in turn depends on cost-effective application of technological innovation in machines and materials, usage of creative and sustainable ideas and the long-term inputs of world-class investors, venture capitalist, researchers and Agric institutions products.

Also, Africa’s government needs to apply relevant policies and mechanisms to the Agric-sector to improve productivity, enhance the quality of Agric products, attracts young passionate hands to the sector, open more for cultivation, being more land under Irrigation and take over a sizeable chunk of world food trade and export.

Participation and Exhibition involve:

  • Government Reps / Policy makers on Commerce, Agriculture, Agencies/NGOs
  • Agric Machines and Technologies Dealers Manufacturers
  • Venture Capitalist/Investors/Financial Institutions
  • Professional and Agro-Machines, And Tech Innovations Providers
  • Machines and workshop equipment vendors.
  • Engineering Technology and innovation manufacturing company
  • Information and communication technology applications for Agric
    Commerce franchising
  • Exporters and Importers
  • Vehicles and equipment trade
  • Agric research institute
  • Energy and environmental technology
  • Power for agricultural and rural enterprise and concern.
  • Food trade and technologies
  • Safety and health protection
  • Veterinary health institutions
  • Farmers’ trade associations, and professional bodies
  • Culture and tourism practitioners
  • Government heads of its Agric in Zambia, Africa and the world at large.

Why Sponsor?

BoothSizeCost in Kwacha (K)Costs in Dollars ($)
Standard3 x 3 sqmK6,300$350
Deluxe5×5 sqmK9,900$550
Super-Deluxe6 x 6 sqmK14,500$800
Premium9 x 9 sqmK18,000$1,000
State Pavilion10 x 10 sqmK26,900$1,500