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This conference will go a long way having a great socio-economic impact and providing a new robust political blueprint on cutting edge best practices in trade and agricultural sectors. On display shall be ideas and experience that will cause paradigm shifts on the way to solve future potential problems now. It is certainly an international and networking marketplace provided at the highest continental level.

The areas of discussions include but are not limited to innovative technologies in Agriculture and Agribusiness, Trade and Trade Financing, Packaging and Value-Add, Government Policies and Intervention.


  • Expose African farmers to new farm cultural practices.

  • Increase foreign direct investments.

  • Create new businesses.

  • Expose African farmers to cost effective farm machines and new farm technologies.

  • Exchange of cultural values.

  • Attract needed capital into Africa’s farm sector.

  • Come face to face with expert in Agric engineering field and debate on commercial issues.

  • Establish a knowledge and business sharing platform.

  • Identify a global Investment Opportunities and risks.

  • Increase the production and quality level of African farm harvests.

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