Welcome to the official page of Afriexporter International Expo on regional and international trade, Agricultural development, and other non-oil commodities across the African continent which is always held in regular intervals to provide an interactive forum for stakeholders and industry players across the regions. 

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Theme: Innovation to Agricultural Development Through Financing and Logistics.

Events must be memorable to make an impact. Of course the desired impact depends on your goals, but most companies want events to be more than just a staged advertisement for their brand.

Afriexpo 2023 will open up doors to new partnerships and collaborations.

The Afriexpo 2003 Mentorship Program provides a unique opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to receive guidance from experienced industry leaders.

Attendees will have the chance to unwind and connect with other professionals in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.



Idris Mamukuyomi Founder - Afriexporter

Idris Mamukuyomi

Founder, Afriexporter

Victoria Madedor

Group Head, BOI Investment and Trust company.
Dr Terry Lancey Team Lead - West African Agribusiness Network

Dr Terry Lancey

Team Lead , West African Agribusiness Network
Thomas Smith Ceo - eBSI Export Academy - Ireland

Thomas Smith

Ceo, eBSI Export Academy, Ireland
Global Network Solutions-GNS

Walinda Gondwe

Global Network Solutions-GNS, Managing Director FCCA FZICA, Zambia.

Rosalina William

UX Design

Rosalina William

UX Design

Rosalina William

UX Design


Afriexporter International Expo goes to Solwezi, Zambia in Southern Africa on May 29-31, 2023 providing a one-of-a-kind event for the trade, export and value adds for the economic development through agribusiness. Over three days, the event would welcome over 600 participants from all corners of the world which would bring all the region’s trade, commodity and export finance community back together once again for a vibrant return to in-person networking and debate.

At this 2nd Southern African edition, the delegates will achieve unrivalled insights into the latest trends and developments impacting African trade, export and agricultural financing through an extensive program of more 40 expert speakers, while the exhibition space which spans over 2 hectares of land would provide an invaluable opportunity for participants to network and connect with industry leaders, peers and potential clients.

Welcoming the leading stakeholders across the Southern African trade ecosystem and featuring a full exhibition, strong focus will once again be placed on the agribusiness with the theme for #SouthernAfriexpo2023 to be “Agro-processing: Innovation to Agricultural Development Through Financing and Logistics” @ Lindila Farms, Solwesi, NorthWestern Province, Zambia.

We look forward to seeing you again in Solwesi!

35+ Speakers
35+ Speakers
35+ Speakers
35+ Speakers

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